Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The means to regulate Bellsouth email is so natural and can run by anybody without difficulty. To run Bellsouth email on your device, make sure you have a reliable internet connection. AT&T is amongst the best labeled associations that runs Bellsouth email login services. AT&T also permits you to get the Bellsouth access by making an account over it. Below mentioned are the terms and conditions to run Bellsouth email.

T&C for the followings

For receiving emails – 
  • Peaccount you will get a limited storage 
  • And the allocated storage will accordingly get divide into multiple sections
For sending emails-
  • Also, you can send an email under the given limit
  • There are specific recipients while sending an email to put under CC and To 
Essential features of Bellsouth email-
  • A user can make seven accounts 
  • There is also a contact limit to store
  • You can use it for both individual or professional use
  • Bellsouth is smart and removes all the unnecessary files 

Safety and security

AT&T is amongst the safest email platforms for completing your tasks. There is protection for all incoming and outgoing emails on AT&T. Also, AT&T notifies spam emails so that users can quickly identify and remove them.

Terms and Conditions agreement by Bellsouth email
  • Once you create a Bellsouth account, you get access to approach support services, login, subscriptions, etc.
  • A user should not try to take any disadvantage of the service
  • Provided information must be appropriate 
  • We have legal rights to amend the terms and conditions with time and that too without notifying in advance
  • If you found guilty under any suspicious circumstances, then you would be terminated from all the access instantly
  • If you do not agree with the company’s terms and conditions, then connect with any other alternative
  • In case you face any issue then you are allowed to reach out to the service introducer
  • If you do not find our policies and terms up to the mark then kindly approach other services