Cancellation and Refund Policy

After going through the given Cancellation and Refund Policy if you want to remove or cancel any of our offered services. Then not to worry, you can remove one just by implementing the below mentioned company’s policy.

  • In case that cancel procedure is done by the user- service termination is automatic from service provider’s end. To remove any or refund any of our product you need to visit the company’s website. On the website go to “My Order” and remove the specific service. You will be given with the multiple options on the company’s website and you are supposed to be aware of all of them. It is in your hand to pick or remove the particular service. If you opt cancelling any of our service then company will take immediate action against your request. Also company returns the service cost that was expanded at the time of subscribing to it.

Remember- there is a specific criteria of returning any service that follows the company’s norms.
  • When you pay in advance through online sources- if you buy a service in advance through any online source like net banking, credit/debit card etc. In case you didn’t take any disadvantage of the service then the amount will definitely be credited to you via the same mode.

  • When you pay applying coupons or codes- in this situation you will be refunded the amount you actually paid. And not the amount you adjusted through coupons or codes via payment. This is the cancellation policy of Bellsouth email login that if you apply any coupon while buying any service. Then the amount will be adjusted while payment but not be refunded if needed when cancelled.
  • When you pay with cash- according to the norms of company if you pay in cash then you are not allowed to return any service. Because the company does not run any return policy for the services paid in cash. If you find any difficulty solving this issue then you can talk to our company’s operator. And they make sure to sort your problem applying the best suitable solution. 
  • When you pay in cash applying coupon in addition- as previously stated, that payments done in cash have no return policy. So no matter the cash includes any promotional coupon or not. If you pay even a small part of service cost through cash, you won’t get back any amount.